What is an Article

 What is an article?

                Article Description 1:
                Articles and texts written to defend any thesis, write about a subject, defend an idea, reveal a truth, and give information about any subject or idea are called Articles.
                Article Description 2:
                Texts that are prepared to criticize an existing article, prove it by proving the defended truth, or emphasize a thought and emphasize it, are not as long as the thesis.
                Article Definition 3:
                The type of article that is written about a subject or idea that emphasizes the thought that is desired to be emphasized and published in sources such as magazines, newspapers and internet is called an article.
                What are the characteristics of the article?
                               It has a simple expression style.
                               They are easy to understand by readers.
                               It is written in accordance with certain (APA, etc.) formats.
                               It is published in magazines, newspapers, books and internet.
                               The advocated idea is proved.
                               The proven thought is based on specific sources.
                               There is no limit to the subject of the article.
                               The aim of the article may be: criticism, proof letter, information giving letter.
                How should an article be?
                               It should be understandable by everyone.
                               The manuscript should be written according to the required format.
                               References other sources should be shown. (to prevent theft of labor)
                What are the points to consider in the article?

                               The most important is that it fits to the desired format.
                               Bibliography should be specified.
                               The manuscript should be written in accordance with the purpose and should not include too many articles other than the subject.
                What You Need to Know About the Article.

                               There are types of academic and professional articles.
                               An article can be on pages 1-50 to cover both types.
                               Writing articles requires a certain amount of knowledge.
                               The format of the article should not be ignored.
                All About the Article.
                               The article can be written on any topic.
                               Article formats, topics, genres and purpose are very flexible.
                               The articles provide brief information about the researched subjects and give the researchers the opportunity to evaluate the researched subject a critical point of view.
                               The article and the thesis are so close to each other.
                Difference of Article and Thesis

                                               The article is shorter than the thesis.
                                               Both have various formats. These formats can be the same or different.
                                               They both want professionalism on the subject.
                                               Writing a thesis requires more time and effort.
                                               More bibliography may be required when writing a thesis.
                                               The article can criticize, summarize or defend the thesis topic.
                                               Likewise, a thesis may be a more detailed version of the paper.
                                               In some cases, the first article is written, and if it is accepted, the thesis can be started on the same subject.

All About the Article:

The article is a scientifically accepted font. Because the information used in the article, comments, proofs or perspectives must be provided with proofs, that is, references. Therefore, if anyone wants to make an inference by looking at that article and wants to find these proofs, he can easily reach these proofs through the references in the article. Also in this way, when a researcher will do research on a subject of any human


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