What is Algorithm

 What is an algorithm?

Algorithm is completely logic. Algorithm was first used in Uzbekistan. Nowadays, the essence of the software in every electronic device that comes to mind is the algorithm.

The algorithm includes stringent conditions. Based on the existence of an element, alternatives are acted upon. In fact, in our daily lives we are all in an algorithm. For example, you will get a sweater a store. Think of the vendor as a computer. You ask and the salesman answers. According to the salesman´s answers, you ask new questions and conclude the event as a sweater or not. There are thousands of examples like this.

Algorithms definitely end (happy or unhappy). There is no terminated algorithm. If an algorithm does not end, it is not an algorithm but an infinite loop.

infinite loop which algorithm you use if you use the software language you need. Before you start the software, you need to put your fiction in full. The algorithm must have a meaning. If you set off without fiction, no wind can benefit you :)
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