Technics of writing an article

 Article Writing Techniques


You may have to write articles for magazines, newspapers and even a homework your teacher gives you. In fact, the terms may require you to make money by writing articles. But,


To choose the subject of the article that will attract the attention of the readers,
Using highly sought-after keywords on the Internet, writing effective and fluent articles in simple sentences, ie knowing the subtleties of article writing, requires some expertise.
Don´t think about what to write. You can find thousands of articles or news on the Internet to inspire you.
The principles to be followed in article writing and the subtleties of article writing are presented below.

How should I choose the subject of the article?

What exactly are you going to write about? Keep in mind that most newspaper writers use half of the time they devote to article writing to “determine the subject of the article..
Write the topics in your mind “randomly, the way you think anız on a piece of paper. Then train your ideas on the subjects. Uncover subheadings.
You should never discourage anyone else writing an article about what interests you. You go ahead and keep writing your article.
The subject of the article should be of interest to the target reader group. Sharks seen on the California coast of the United States may not be of much interest to the Turkish community. However, the dangers posed by sharks on the shores of Antalya attract the reader´s attention.
Ask yourself the following questions:
Do you really know about your subject matter?
Will you be able to write your article with little or no research?
Do you need to consult an expert on your chosen topic?
How long will my article be?

The length of the article should not exceed 500 words and should not be less than 150 words. Visitors do not like to read the same article for minutes. When writing the article, be sure to use methods that make it easier to read and understand, such as numbering and bullets.

What will I benefit when writing my article?

Writing effective articles requires long research and information gathering. So you need to be patient, not to rush. Before you start writing, do a thorough research on the subject to be written. Scan all resources. You will use it to write articles;

Internet addresses,
Identify the names of experts to be consulted, write on a sheet.
What will be the draft structure of my article?

Title Section of the Article:

It should be left to the end. In addition to the first interesting sentences, your article should have a short, effective and clear heading. The title should consist of at least three words “appropriate to the topic, arousing or other interesting quality”.


The claims, opinions or thoughts to be put forward in the article are outlined in the introduction of the article.

This section is the shortest section of the article. According to the article, one or two paragraphs should not exceed. In this section, the subject should be outlined without going into any detail.

A good introduction attracts the reader´s attention. Usually, the reader reads the entry within the first 5-10 seconds; decides to read the article until the end. For this reason, the introduction part should be written carefully. Indirect statements should be avoided.

The direction of the development of the main topic and the sub-topics that will serve to explain the main topic should be revealed and the visitor should be introduced into the subject content gradually. The number of subheadings should be around 5-6. For example: An article introduction to point Powerpoint Presentation Techniques ”can be:

It is known that Powerpoint and presentation techniques are used by all major companies in recent years. The program is simple to use, professional visual infrastructure. The two cornerstones of the Powerpoint presentation are the preparation of slide themes and animations. In this article, detailed explanations will be given for those who have no knowledge about both subjects and the subject will be explained with examples.
Development Section of the Article:

The development section is the body of the article. In this section, the main subject and the sub-topics that will explain the main subject are written in separate paragraphs. Appropriate transitional sentences should be used between paragraphs describing the sub-topics.

This section is the area where the author can defend his / her views and theses. The accuracy of the views put forward is explained by comparisons, numbers and examples.
The main topic to be explained in the development section and the sub-topics to better explain the main topic should be designed in harmony. For example: The development part of an article you will write about gelişme Powerpoint Presentation Techniques olabilir can be:
“Themes determine the visual effectiveness of the presentation. You cannot easily sell the most valuable products in a poorly designed showcase. Themes are the same. Regardless of the content of the presentation, if you do not the appropriate slide theme, your presentation will not be understood. You cannot evoke the desired effect on the audience. First of all, the themes and the text to be written on the theme should be in the opposite color. Tangled, writing
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