We fulfill your demands for almost all subjects for articles, thesis, presentation, programming, and other types of assignments to be made by our team. An in-depth literature review is conducted on any article, thesis or homework specified in the e-mail. That´s why the topics we cover are very wide.


General subjects:

 * Academic Articles

 * Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Labor Economics, International Relations, Political Science

 * Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology

 * Literature, Art History, Music and Musicology,

 * Educational Sciences

 * Communication Sciences

 * Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

 * Physics chemistry biology

 * Matlab Projects

 * Translation and Interpreting

 * SPSS Analysis

 * All Programming Languages

 * Medical Specialties

 * Law, economics, human resources

 * Architecture

 * International relations

 * Banking

 * Management organization

 * Sports Sciences

 * Pre-school education


Available Methods and Methods:

Chi Square, Correlation, Clustering, Variance, Factor, Equation Models, SPSS, Mitap, Wilcoxon Test, Man Whitney Test, Kruskal Wallis Test, Dependent and Independent Sample Tests, Reliability Analysis, Segmentation Relational Rules, Statistical Analysis with Statistics Segmentation, Data Manipulation Methods, Mathematical Modeling, Time Series Analysis with Statistics, Modeling, Econometrics Analysis, Input and Output of Data, Editing and Manipulations on Data, Arithmetic, Drawing of Data, Basic Statistical Evaluations, Regression, Multivariate Analysis, Non-Parametric Analysis Analysis, Time Series, Statistical Process Controls, Matrices, Distributions and Statistical Analysis, Analysis of Regression Solutions and Coefficients by using the Karal´s Method, Logistic Regression, Weighed Regression, Simultaneous Equation Systems and Techniques, Time Series Analysis, Vector Autoregression , Cointegration, Causality Tests, Granger, Simulations, Valuation Methods, Cross-Table, Curve Fitting, Binary Diagnostic Tests, Descriptive Statistics, Experimental Design Estimation, Meta - Analysis, Quality Control, Multivariate Ratio Analysis, Mixed Models, Repetitive Measures, ROC Curves, Time Series Analysis, Four Operations in Matrices, Determinant, Rank, Force Taking, Complex Numbers, Vector Formation, Special Matrices “Zeros, Ones, Diag, Eye, Rand, Triu-Tril”, Polynomial Operations, Graphic Drawings Solution of Linear Equation Sets, Analysis by Laplace Transform, Symbolic Solutions of Equations, Laplace Applications in Electrical and Mechanical Systems, Simplification of Block Diagrams in Systems and Response Structures, Numerical Analysis Applications,




The fields we work in are as follows:

Articles, Homework Preparation, Graduation Thesis, Master Theses, MBA Theses, Master Theses, Ph.D. Theses and Medical Specialist Theses, such as writing preparation and consultancy, thesis assignments, project assignments and writing projects in the fields of preparation, support and consultancy services, translation, support and consultancy services in the application areas of analysis, statistical, econometric and other engineering, business and medical analysis findings and methodology writing, discussion section writing, literature academic articles and book translation, software development projects, literature research, powerpoint presentation preparation, optimization problem solutions , statistical econometric analysis service, engineering application, computer programming software, studies in languages ??such as matlab c ++, statistical data analysis, consulting services such as software project development services.

Our experts work over the internet. Please indicate your request in detail to our e-mail address. Please provide details about the subject title, number of pages, date of submission, whether to conduct surveys to be used, sources and sample drafts. This way we can make a healthier return. Our thesis consultancy service consists of determining the subject, determining the resources and content part by part, performing the analysis applications, making the necessary steps and corrections in cooperation with the consultant. Our experts assist in the preparation of thesis consultancy, drafting, introduction literature review, methodology, findings, analysis and conclusion discussion sections, format adjustments and fitting into the guidelines.



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