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SPSS, for short, means data analysis. Survey analysis, data analysis, econometrics analysis and statistical analysis evaluation and interpretation are performed in SPSS program. It is a type of analysis that is applied in computer environment and there are a few programs commonly used by makaledanismanlik.com team. most used software program according to the survey distribution in Turkey 66% (SPSS) very formal education stems the common preference. 23% (EVIEWS) kullanılmaktadır.kal that with 10% econometric analysis R-PROJECT and NCSS software packages are preferred.

Prior to statistical analysis, whether the data structure is categorical or continuous is examined. While parametric tests are used in continuous data, categorical data are analyzed using non-parametric statistical tests.

Analyzing the data structure is very important for determining your statistical method in SPSS analysis. In the evaluation of the analyzes, categorical variables are expressed in numbers and percentages.

The first criterion in determining the appropriate analysis type is the type of data. Analysis methods are divided into two main groups according to the characteristics of the data. The basic analysis methods in these groups are as follows.

1) Analysis methods used for parametric data; Analysis of Variance, T-Test, Pearson Correlation.

2) Analysis methods used for non-parametric data; Chi-Square Tests, Spearman Correlation.

Therefore, in order to the appropriate type of analysis, the characteristics of the data will have to be determined first. We are here for you as makaledanısmanlik.com family to apply data analysis in your survey studies. You can reach the solution as soon as possible by sending us the necessary details about your analysis studies our e-mail address and contact page.


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