Preparing Thesis

 MAKALE Consulting - Thesis Preparation


Our thesis preparation service is rendered in a professional manner by our expert staff in more than 200 subjects. Our staff consists mostly of Boğaziçi University students.


 Thesis Requests:
Theses requested are written in English and Turkish. With the advantage of our colleagues who have expertise in the field has expanded our service area. In short, the service we provide in the thesis is as follows.
Thesis counseling, thesis printing, thesis homework, thesis making, thesis printing with money (private), thesis support, thesis advisor, getting thesis support, getting thesis done, orum I want to print a thesis ize to your demands, thesis request, special thesis, thesis, “money thesis printing ”etc.
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We prepare our thesis, associate thesis, bachelor thesis, master thesis, doctorate thesis, thesis formatting, translation, articles, spss analysis, we offer you with care.

Our aim is to save you, our esteemed students the thesis that requires an intensive and stressful process.

The thesis consists of sections such as foreword, abbreviations, tables, abstract, introduction, text, conclusions and bibliography. After ing the topic in the thesis, the first step (out-line) source scanning is done. For this purpose, journals, articles, books, encyclopedias, reports, papers and so on. domestic and foreign resources such as. After your approval, we finish the writing phase and finalize your thesis in accordance with the thesis writing guide of the university. After your thesis is prepared without being quoted by academics in an original way, we send you a complete Word or .pdf file.
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