How to write article and thesis

Article - How to write a thesis?


I will try to answer this question in this article. Writing articles or theses is more difficult than expected. First of all, writing articles and theses always coincides with the busy periods of the students :) This is classic. Exactly such exam period, plans have been made, the student how to get through this busy period when suddenly saying articles, theses, etc. homework begins to come. Then students start searching with keywords like Google want to print articles, print thesis.


First, writing articles and dissertations is therefore difficult. Let´s start with the thesis. I am going to write a thesis but I don´t know where to start. Firstly, the subject of the thesis is decided. After that, research is done books on general sites and information is collected. Once the information has been collected, you will slowly begin to form hypotheses in your mind. If not, it is not a problem because there is more literature review. Hypotheses can come to mind in that part. The literature review that we call literature review, that is, before you find and search for documents such as books, articles and theses written similar to your thesis topic. what you read here helps you decide what to defend in your thesis in your mind. Of course, it is useful to take note of relevant and important places for future reference. The literature is searched and the thesis begins after sufficient information is gathered. The input section is not written immediately. This is because when writing the LR section, the input section is shaped. Your hypotheses emerge. Now in articles, theses, etc. You can transfer your readings by referring to your thesis with your own sentences. After the LR is finished, a survey is performed if necessary. First the questions are prepared, then the questions are sent to the relevant people for filling. Then these results are taken and evaluated in SPSS and added to the thesis. The results are interpreted. You can now type the introduction.


For example, APA may be used when writing a thesis. Margins, reference format, etc. There is no such thing as writing a thesis or article in APA format. Or any format. If the thesis is written, it is edited according to that format. This is a very easy task. The article can be done in a similar way. An article can have an average of 10 to 15 pages. The thesis can vary between 70-120. Our Tags for this page :) How to write a thesis, how to write an article, I want to print a thesis, I want to print an article, how to write a thesis how to write an article, article, thesis, homework, prepare, make,


How to Write an Article
How to Write an Article in 7 Days? Easiest Way to Write an Article. Stressless Article Writing.
I´ll teach you step by step to write an article.

1 day:

How would you write an academic type article?
If you are writing for a scholarship, you must choose the subject for which you are writing for the scholarship.
You should write the article wherever you are going to publish it or not.
Decide what kind of article you want to write.
Containing methods
Awareness-raising article
A short review
Theory writing
Whoever will read your article should write according to it. So identify the audience.
People don´t want to read what they already know.
They want to learn useful information.
They want to see well-supported results.

2 days:

Prepare the summary.
Write a small text for the abstract.
The summary should contain the following information: Purpose, main topic of discussion, methods and innovations.
Pay attention to the words used.
Add a title for now.

3 days:

Now you can draft the article you intend to write.
Anything that prevents you writing directly, identify it and try to solve it first.
Get short anodes on your drafts.

4 days:

Now proceed to the writing phase.
Write down the facts, problems, findings and details you know.
You can now query the font slowly. Start questioning the adequacy of your writing.

5 days:

Make your arrangements.
Remove unnecessary sentences.
simplify long and complex sentences.
Avoid using the same words using synonym words.

6 days:


7 days:

If your article is rejected, correct the errors indicated by your teacher.



Article and Thesis Writing:
                Writing an article is not as easy as it looks the outside. The article should be taken seriously as it is felt a little bit its name, original, written in accordance with the rules, using a specific subject area, the purpose of determining the depth or more superficial way of addressing the topic and adapting the subject, certain writing techniques, writing on the research is a post. If you want your article to be of a type that everyone can read, not academic, you should include simple, practical information, and direct your article by giving brief informative explanations. Today many people write home
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Article - How to write a thesis? I will try to answer this question in this article. Writing articles or theses is more difficult than expected. More »