Differences between APA and MLA format

 General Differences Between APA and MLA Format


The MLA format is generally used in texts related to music, theater, philosophy, film and languages, while the APA format is frequently used in social sciences. The differences between the two formats can be listed as follows:
• In the quote, the date follows the publisher and is not in parentheses. In APA format, the date is specified the back of the author and used in parentheses.
• In the MLA format, both the name and the surname of the author are written. In APA, the surname of the author and the first letter of the name are indicated.
• No title is required in MLA format. In APA format, the title page title is found on each page.
• APA style has an “abstract” part.
• Articles written in MLA format include a thesis statement, a statement of an opinion, which they try to prove.
• All important words in the title are capitalized and underlined. On the other hand, in APA format, the first letter of the title, the first word of the subtitle or the first letter of the special names is capitalized. Everything else is written in lower case. In addition, the title is written in italics.
• Source page in MLA format as “works cited”
in APA format “bibliography” or AP bibliography or bibliography..
• In the MLA, when referencing the source in the text, the author´s surname and the page number quoted are indicated; In APA, the author´s surname and publication date are used.
• In in-text citations, punctuation marks or phrases indicating the page number are not used between the words written in MLA format and numbers. In APA, if a comma and a page is mentioned, “p” is used.
Example: MLA => (Burns 101)
APA => (Burns, 1999, p. 4) or (Burns, 1999, p. 4)
• The sources that can be used in the article written in APA format can be experimental studies, critiques, case studies and meta-analyzes. For the MLA format, examples are statistics, definitions, historical evidence, graphs, maps and different visuals.
The purpose of the article in this blog is: Differences and similarities between APA format and MLA format, and the importance of APA format in our other article. The APA rule specifications and the requirements of the APA rule are also on the same page.
Sources: http://academictips.org/mla-format/general-differences-between-mla-and-apa/
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