Article Writing Techniques and Tactics

Article writing techniques and tactics


1- First, a good idea should be found

                1.1. Who will read the article:

                               Before starting to write, it is necessary to decide who will need the article to be written. The article should be written according to the person who will read the article.


                1.2. Readers´ needs:

                               What information would people want to read? How can your article cover this? Once you have decided, it will be easier for you to write.

                               You should check how other authors write similar articles. Their writing style should be learned.


                1.3. Be unique when writing articles:

                               If you are writing an article written by other people, aim to be unique in that subject. They should focus on what they do not write in their articles. From the point of view of the subject that no one else has dealt with, a subject should be chosen that way, never before. New ideas should be brought.


                1.4. Be patient:

                               Care should be taken when ing the article subject to be written. No ion should be made immediately.


2- Research should be done on the ed topic

                2.1. Basic things to learn:

                               Whatever you write in the article, you should first be informed about the subject in general. This will help you to create an outline in your mind. The sources you will use when researching may be: previous articles, dissertations, books, newspapers, websites, etc.


                2.2. Reliable sources should be found:

                               Whatever you´re researching the source, but make sure it´s a reliable source. There should be a non-grin source when you reference it. If your subject is related to the present day, it is better to choose the sources written about the past and if you are going to write a topic about the past.


                2.3. Different welding types should be used:

                               While researching, not only websites, articles or books, but all of them should be cited and diversity should be increased. When writing articles you may need not only fonts, but also pictures, graphics or sketches.


3- Article Writing

                3.1. Article length should be decided:

                               Do you have a certain limit when writing articles? What is your limit on a certain number of pages or words? You should first consider this and shape the gaps accordingly when writing articles.


                3.2. Table of contents should be formed:

                               Before starting normal writing, the contents of the article should be prepared. This section will tell you what information to use and where.


                3.3. Attention should be paid to article writing style, structure and writing style:

                               You write formal, academic papers. You need to shape your writing language accordingly. You should identify the people who will read your article and shape your writing language accordingly. You should pay attention to where the manuscript will be published and write spelling rules in these formats.


                3.4. After the article is finished, it should be edited:

                               You may want to check one last time before you submit your article. If you have time, edit it after a few days, so you can look at your article different angles.

                               Chapters that you may want to look at especially: word spelling error, grammar error, the structure of the article is complete, the format should be checked as appropriate. After everything is done, having a friend read it another point of view also means controlling your article and can help you.


Common errors in ing article topic:
Do not choose a topic just because others make money or make a premium.
Don´t choose a topic that doesn´t interest other people, but only that you are very interested.
Avoid topics that you read on a blog that you don´t know much about.
Note that your subject does not spread over a wide area, you need to indicate your focus. In other words, the reader should know the limits of your writing.

Don´t start a topic without doing enough research.
It is very important to choose the right subject.
You should divide the article into beautiful pieces.
In the minds of a person reading your article
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