APA Format and APA Format Rules


To write an article, click on it. After the subject, content and arrangement of the article is made as a draft, it is written in a certain format according to the institution or people to whom the article will be presented and the content. The acceptance of this article is quite quite. If you can write or print an article, please specify your format.

The article writes about 3-4 formats. One of the most well-known and widely used formats is the APA format. There are rules in this format. In short, the APA format has spelling rules;

- Firstly the space between the lines of text, where 2 lines are in the form of spaces.

- Define the first page as the cover page.

- Books, films, etc. will be given in the article. You can type custom names in italics.

- All of the paragraphs are indented the left.

- Numerical database by entering numerical cleanup.

- Footnotes to be given are at the bottom of the relevant page.

- If there is an attachment, the title should be italicized.

- The headings and subheadings that are prepared for the article are available on 5 computers and can be applied by ing the appropriate one according to the place of use.

- If the article is long and complex, it must be numbered. There is no need to enumerate you wanted.

- In order to make an excerpt where the article is located, the date of the book, to whom it belongs and which page it is quoted must be indicated. Ex: Tanpinar, 2003 p. 42

- tiger 2003a and tiger 2003b.

- If there are two authors in the article, specify them together.

- If the number of authors to be indicated is three and five, all names are written in the first time and then only the first name is required in the second or more times.

- If the number of authors should be more than 6, only the first name should be given.

You can take a review of an APA´s history, article, book or dissertation. You understand the rules and format of your APA article spelling and opening the convenience of the size of your application. Wepsite is the APA design for your own references of magazines, movies. Refer to your own article in APA format. If you don´t want to deal with all this, you can print your article by reaching the places where others will write your article using the APA format.
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