APA format, APA rules, Rules of APA format

How to make, write or apply the APA 6.0 format?

In this article, we briefly share a brief APA rules and application covering how to write articles and thesis in APA format, APA format, use of APA format, APA format rules, writing with APA 6.0, APA format and thesis writing.


Currently, the APA 6 format is used as the most recent APA format.



  1. All margins of the page should be set to 2.5 cm. It should also be 1 inch for those who use Word in English.
  2. The space between the lines should be "double", ie 2 lines. The space between the lines of the entire page, including the headings, must be 2 lines.
  3. Each paragraph should start 1.25 cm inside. English ones should be .5 inches.
  4. Font information: Times new roman must be 12 points.
  5. The page count should be added to the bottom right on all pages.
  6. If the article or thesis is a very professional and important article, the contents section should be added. Each title should get a title tag. There should be sections such as summary, introduction, result, development, title page, references. While preparing the table of contents, the title and subtitles should be formatted correctly. According to the apa format rule, the content should be created using the features of the word application.
  7. Basically, in APA format, there should be 4 sections as Title page, Abstract, content (Introduction, Development, Conclusion) and references.
  8. Title page: The name of the author, subject and the name of the university should be included and centered.
  9. References should be given in the article with the author´s surname and year of writing. Example: (Smith, 2002)
  10. The following rules should be followed in accordance with the APA 6.0 format while referencing the references at the bottom.
  11.               Each reference should start at the beginning of the line, and if the length of the reference is too long, the reference should start with an indent the bottom line.
  12.               When referencing a document, it should be reflected as follows.
  13.                         Author´s last name, author´s name initial. (year of publication). Title of the work.
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