APA Article Writing Rules

 APA Article Writing Guidelines:

APA: American Psychological Association

There are 3-4 common formats in article writing. The best known of these is APA. In summary, the APA rules in writing an article are as follows:

APA Format and Reference System:

· The text should be written with 2 lines between the lines.

· Paragraphs should be indented the left.

· The first page is the cover page.

· Names such as books and films should be written in italics.

· Numerical expressions should be written as words.

· Footnotes are given at the bottom of the related page.

· If there is an annex, it should be titled as an annex in italics.

· Headings and subheadings should be at 5 levels. The sample is as follows: Article APA Provisioning Printing

· If the article is not long and complex, numbering is not necessary.

· For a specific quote (Ahmet, 1998, p.33)

· For works of the same author of the same date: (captain, 2008a) and (captain, 2008b)

· If the number of authors is between three and five, all names are written, and the first one is sufficient to write the first.

· If there are two authors, both should be indicated.

· If the number of authors is more than six, then only the first person´s name can be written.

Article APA rules


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