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APA format, APA rules, Rules of APA format
How to make, write or apply the APA 6.0 format? In this article, we briefly share a brief APA rules and application covering how to write articles and thesis in APA format, APA format, use of APA format, APA format rules, writing with APA 6.0, APA format More »
Why is writing an article / Thesis is important?
Why is it important to write an article / thesis? Many times during the day, we have to communicate with other people. Almost 90 percent of these talks are on continuous conversation and solving short issues. More »
How to  the article topic
HOW TO CHOOSE THE ARTICLE SUBJECT The subject of the article is the main skeleton to form the article. It is not possible to write an article without the subject of the article. In order to make the article readable, it is necessary to the subject of th More »
APA Format and APA Format Rules
APA ARTICLE WRITING RULES AND APA FORMAT As well as writing an article, it is as important as which format it should be written. Article subject, content, after drafting the article will be presented according to the institution or people waist More »
Differences between APA and MLA format
The MLA format is generally used in texts related to music, theater, philosophy, film and languages, while the APA format is frequently used in social sciences. The differences between the two formats can be listed as follows: More »